Cardiology appointment

Went to the cardiologists today and they said I could have one of three things postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, orthostatic hypotension, or inappropriate sinus tachycardia. We have to have an echocardiogram done and we also have to see an electrophysiologist. I looked up what that kind of doctor is and it freaks me out. The doctor told me to stay hydrated taking extra salt and if my heart rate stayed above 130 even after sitting down for longer than 15 minutes I’m supposed to go to the ER for medical attention. They wanted to put a 21-day bodyguardian monitor on me, but my stupid freaking Medicaid wouldn’t cover it. They also want me to wear compression socks.

Holter monitor experiences so far

I’m wearing the Holter monitor and I walked to feed out of my apartment to go take out my trash, and my heart rate went from 80 to 123 beats per minute. Just wondering when all of this is going to settle down. Someone commented on my Facebook status that I had posted about this earlier and said that if I just laid down that everything would be fine. I can’t stop living my life though.