Psychiatrist is leaving and Cardiology update

So, our psychiatrist is leaving on the 14th of December. The office wasn’t even going to call his patients and tell them. They’re just going to send a letter in the mail giving us our options. They said it could be months before we see a psychiatrist again. I went to the doctor’s today because my heart was skipping beats. It was skipping like 4 or 5 beats in a minute. Sometimes it would be fine for a minute or two and then it would just go back to skipping. I had to go to the hospital outpatient clinic to get an EKG done. They’re putting another 48-hour Holter monitor on on the 29th. Plus, our internet is down, so I don’t have my computer to email people or to block with or do what I do on my computer. Our next psychiatrist appointment was supposed to be on January 4th. We haven’t seen him since the 31st of October. Don’t know when we’ll see a psychiatrist next. This couldn’t have come at a worse time with all the dissociation and everything that’s going on right now.

just cant fucking do this!!!!!!!!

I cant keep living with this depression. Tried to call my psych back today, and she was supposed to call me bak earlier ghis afternoln, I mean my psych’s nurse was supposed to call back. She’s not calling back until tomorrow. They’re looking for another place besides Passavant for me to get help.


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to my psychiatrist

I just want to thank you for believing me and my system. It really means a lot to me. Finally after all these years, someone believes us. I’m so excited!!!! Thank you again. I really appreciate everything you do for me.

Hey, it’s Amilia, and I want to thank you for believing me. It really means a lot to me.